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It’s not news to anyone that college costs are skyrocketing. The average cost of one year at a private college or university has risen to a shocking $31,465. It’s no wonder that parents and students look at that number and wonder whether a college degree is in their reach at all. However, many families overlook the tremendous costs savings that could be achieved by attending a community college for two years. Tuition at community college is typically half that of a public institution and just one-tenth that of a private institution.For many years, community colleges fought the image that they were the last resort for students who couldn’t get in anywhere else and that their programs were not as challenging or comprehensive and those at larger colleges universities. Today, however, community colleges are thriving centers that not only provide state-of-the-art career education, but also provide a high-quality educational foundation for students who wish to transfer to a college or university after two years.Because most colleges and universities, regardless of size, require students to take core courses in their first two years before choosing a major, taking these courses at the community college level will save money. Additionally, core courses at the university level are often held in large lecture halls with hundreds of students. At community colleges, class sizes rarely exceed 30 students. So, paradoxically, community college students receive more individualized attention yet pay much less for that privilege.Instructors at the community college level are required to hold a Master’s degree in their instructional area. Some have pointed to this as evidence that community colleges cannot provide the same quality of instruction as colleges and universities that employ professors with Doctoral degrees. However, very few of those professors actually teach the core courses that students take during their first two years of college. Additionally, community college instructors often have real-world employment experience that gives them a more practical perspective than university professors, who are immersed in the world of academia.Transferring to a larger institution at the end of two years at community college is often easier than being admitted as a Freshman. Also, many states guarantee admission to their state colleges and universities to community college graduates who maintain a certain grade point average. Even prestigious Ivy League colleges like Harvard, Yale and Brown have accepted transfer students from community colleges.

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Do we really need accredited college online? Quality education is one of the most useful assets that you one can have and one can use for success in life. That is why most of the countries today are spending billions to improve the quality of their education and to increase the literacy rate. The literacy rate is one of the pre-requisite required for the success of a country. The challenge is not to acquire knowledge through education.The challenge is to spare enough amount of time for it, especially for those who are working on full time basis or who have other commitments like those related to their families etc. The solution is to get on online degree from accredited college online. There are many of benefits of studying online like convenience, affordability, diverse range of subjects etc.But you should not select a college or a university that is overloaded with huge amounts of debts. Since online colleges are getting famous day by day, to take advantage this approach, many fake colleges and universities are offering these online courses too. So where to go for online courses/degrees?The solution is to get certified from an accredited university. To avoid any regrets in future, you must consider an accredited college online for any online degree program. Never trust on universities that are not accredited by professional bodies since they might offer you the same degree at lower cost but it will be all in vain once you get out of there. The goal is to get educated online and get a recognized degree from a reputable college/university in order to make value for money.What you should always look for is accreditation. Any college or university that offers your required degree program online and that is accredited by a professional body is what you should always look for. You have to be watchful because there are many schools that are not accredited and offers online degree programs. If you get certified from such non-accredited schools then you won’t be considered as a candidate that has standard quality education. Those schools are not accredited because they haven’t met the education quality standards of the country. Getting online degrees from accredited college online gives you countless advantages. Some of the key advantages that you will get are:JobsIf you fail to prove that you are a qualified from an accredited university, then there are high chances that the company, in which you apply, will never hire you. The reason is that such non-accredited schools can give good-looking diplomas to any student without giving him/her the knowledge of the subject. So why to take the worst risk of your life by applying in a non-accredited university. If you are a qualified from an accredited and well-reputed university/college, then it will give you an edge over other candidates who don’t have such degrees.OpportunitiesDon’t wait for the opportunities to come to you; hunt for those opportunities. You can never hunt for successful opportunities if you join a non-accredited university. Well-reputed accredited college online gives you lots of potential opportunities during your term.Better Researchone thing that you should always keep in mind is to search for better accredited schools; this all depends upon how well you conduct your research. Just make sure that the school that you choose is the right one for you. It is sometimes not sufficient to be called as accredited university; you should also look for rankings and the subject rankings in which you are interested.Feasible GoalsAn accredited online college helps you in reaching your goal. The goal of most of the students is to improve the quality of their life. You join an accredited university in order to gain more knowledge relative to their field. Don’t always think in a traditional way; force your mind to think from different angles; which is the key for creativity and success; make the most out of your brain.